Journal Articles


  • Broekhuizen, Thijs L.J., Bakker, Tom and Theo J.B.M. Postma. Implementing New Business Models: What Challenges Lie Ahead? forthcoming in Business Horizons.



  • Croonen, Evelien P.M. and Broekhuizen, Thijs L.J. (2017),

How Do Franchisees Assess Franchisor Trustworthiness, Journal of Small Business Management, DOI: 10.1111/jsbm.12327















Conference Proceedings


  • Croonen, Evelien P.M., Broekhuizen, Thijs L.J., Brand, Maryse, Time to Say Goodbye: Explaining Franchisees’ Exit

Intentions and Behaviors, AOM Conference, August 5-9, Anaheim, US.


  • Delre, Sebastiano A., Broekhuizen, Thijs L.J., and Tammo H.A. Bijmolt (2015), How Does Shared Consumption Affect New Product Life Cycles of Hedonic Goods?, EMAC Conference, 26-29 May, Leuven, Belgium.


  • Broekhuizen, Thijs L.J., and Joost Rietveld (2014), Signaling in the Video Game Industry: Can Quality Signals Compensate for Too Much Innovativeness?, ISMS Marketing Science Conference, 12-14 June, Atlanta, US.*


  • Delre, Sebastiano A., Broekhuizen, Thijs L.J., and Tammo H.A. Bijmolt (2013), Modeling Shared Consumption for Hedonic Goods: The Case of the Motion Picture Market, ISMS Marketing Science Conference, 11-13 July, Istanbul, Turkey.


  • Broekhuizen, Thijs L.J., Joseph Lampel, and Joost G. Rietveld (2012), New horizons or a Strategic Mirage? Artist-Led-Distribution versus Alliance Strategy in the Video Game Industry, Conference on Innovation Program, 15-17 June, Tilburg, The Netherlands.


  • Broekhuizen, Thijs L.J., Janny C. Hoekstra, Wander Jager, (2012), How Experience Changes the Importance of Website Criteria: The Moderating Influence of Online and Website-Specific Experience, EMAC Conference, 22-25 May, Lisbon, Portugal.


  • Broekhuizen, Thijs L.J. and Thom A. de Vries (2011), How Interpersonal and Task-Related Conflicts of Temporary Staff Impact Work Group Innovativeness, Academy of Management Conference, 12-16 August, San Antonio, Texas.


  • Broekhuizen, Thijs L. J. and Arvid O. I. Hoffmann (2010), Dimensions, Antecedents and Consequences Of Consumers’ Perceptions Of Online Newspapers’ Interactivity. Proceedings from the EMAC Conference, 2-4 June, Copenhagen, Denmark.


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* part of Special Session on Platform Competition in the Video Game Industry, organized by Thijs Broekhuizen and Joost Rietveld

Dutch Publications


  • Geurts, A., Broekhuizen, T., & Dolfsma, W. (2017) "Reacties op disruptieve innovaties: Resultaten uit de Nederlandse muziekindustrie," Maandblad voor Accountancy en Bedrijfseconomie, 91(3/4).


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